Introducing Emily Jones & Construction Update

I am pleased to introduce the newest member of our GPC crew, Emily Jones! Emily was previously employed as our student assistant and returns as a replacement for Kristina Lusk. Kristina’s tenure with ASFR will end August 29th, as she leaves to finish her Master’s degree. Emily is graduating in May 2015 from TTU with her Bachelor of Interior Design. Please help us welcome Emily!

Hello, I am Emily Jones. I am very excited to start working at ASFR. I loved my time as a student assistant. Now, I am so excited to be starting ASFR full time. Yesterday, Kristina and I checked on construction. Our  new ceiling grid has been installed and all the zoned lighting is working. The new ceiling is dropped from the original height; however, because of the white tile the ceiling still seems high. The two toned colors on the wall also make the room feel spacious. Three holes were cored in the floor for power, one for the technology cabinet and the other two for students use. This option was chosen due to the furniture selection. This room is intended to be mobile with tables and chairs that can be configured for the specific pedagogy of the classes. Having the wires concealed underneath the floor reduces hassle and hazard of cable management on the floor. As a student assistant I visited the room before construction had started. I was so excited to see the progress from the past few months.

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Zoned Lighting

The lighting has been wired and zoned to allow flexibility with the amount of lighting in the room. There are four different zones available:

1. All lights on;

2. Center bulb of fixtures off, two outer bulbs of fixture on;

3. Center bulb of fixtures on, two outer bulbs of fixture off;

4. All lights off.

These zones are different than the ones normally found in GPCs. Since this room is for seminar/discussion style classes, there is not a need for the front row of lights to be off while the back sets are on and vice versa. This will allow for some different options while still providing adequate lighting to all areas of the rooms.


Painting & Lights

Paint is complete and looks really nice. The colors selected are greyish blue; something different than the norm of previous renovations. The ceiling grids have also been installed and the Electric Shop is working on wiring the new lighting. Without lighting, it was hard to get clear pictures, but these will give you a general idea. Hopefully next week we can get pictures with a fully lighted room!







Construction is Underway

Construction on the new platinum GPCs has begun. The rooms have been stripped of all existing furniture, whiteboards, chair rail, and technology. Today the painters were prepping the walls for some color. Once complete, the new ceiling grid with lighting will be installed. Check out the slideshow below for this week’s images!

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Polycom CX5500 (Videoconferencing) Survey

We are finalizing plans for the summer renovations of the seminar rooms. Under consideration is the installation of a Polycom CX5500 for interactive distance education. This videoconferencing technology would allow instructors to meet with students who are at a distance, students to interact with an instructor at a distance, or even bring a guest speaker from anywhere in the world without the expense of travel. Today a survey was distributed to TTU faculty regarding their current and potential use of this technology. So far, the responses are in favor of this addition and many faculty are excited by the potential of this technology. Complete survey results to come!

For more information on the videoconferencing technology under consideration, visit

6 Weeks & Counting

Renovations on the new GPC seminar rooms begin in 6 weeks! Once renovations begin, our blog readers will receive weekly construction updates complete with pictures! Here is a look at the “befores”; get excited about the “afters”!


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Efficiency in Remote Management

What is remote management, you ask? Generally speaking, it is a system which allows us manage classrooms offsite allowing for more efficiency in managing the GPC project. Currently, Classroom Technology Services utilizes a system which allows them to view projector bulb hours, turn off projectors, and monitor system and network connections over the internet. The next wave in remote management is WiFi enabled locks. ASFR staff is currently testing these locks that will provide additional functionality to how classrooms are secured. In conjunction with the University ID office system, users can be updated overnight to allow access to a substitute instructor or special event. Not only will the rooms remain secure, but this system will make access more user friendly.