About General Purpose Classrooms

The General Purpose Classrooms are designed to serve the entire TTU campus community by providing a wide range of equipment, technology and resources. These classrooms are centrally scheduled and maintained by the Office of the Provost under the direction of Academic Support & Facilities Resources (ASFR). This project would not be possible without vital partnerships with the Operations Division of Planning & Administration (Project Management) and IT Help Central Classroom Technology Services. Funding for the project has been provided by the Facilities Allocation Council (FAC) and the Office of the Chief Financial Officer.

In the projects infancy, Human Sciences 169 received the latest in classroom technology including auditorium surround sound. The first phase of fully renovated rooms began with five pilot classrooms including Holden Hall 152, Human Sciences 273, Math 012, Math 108 & Science 112. Due to the success of the pilot rooms, there are now a total of 42 GPCs on the main Texas Tech campus, including 25 rooms in the new Media and Communication building. As the General Purpose Classroom initiative continues, we look forward to providing additional standardized teaching and learning environments.


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