Illuminating MCOM General Purpose Classrooms

The General Purpose Classrooms located in the Media & Communication building have lighting options which differ from other GPCs on campus. These rooms in particular have motion sensors installed in the ceiling which partially control the lighting in the room. When there is no one in the room, the sensors will shut the lights off. The goal was to save energy by having the lights shut off in the classroom when there is no one in the room. There are usually two sets of switches in the classroom. There is a set by the podium and a set by the door. Depending on which set of switches are used by the previous instructors can affect the lighting configuration.

To help cut down on the time instructors might have to take to get the lights on, our office has created a lighting cheat sheet. This guide has a basic layout of the classroom. The layout includes: back wall, whiteboard, lectern, light switch locations, and how the switches should be flipped to turn on all of the lights. A lighting guide has been created for each of the MCOM GPCs which have on/off switches. These guides will be added inside the technology booklet CTS has provided at each podium. The cheat sheet will be identified by a colorful tab labeled: lighting guide.

Our goal of the lighting guide is to provide instructors with a quick and simple way to get the lights on for their classes. Our hope is that we can minimize the time it takes for instructors to get set up for their class. Featured below is a template of what our lighting guide will look like.


Lighting Guide Sample

Lighting Guide Sample

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