November Announcements!

This Fall semester has seen many changes so far in the academic school year. Two of which have occurred for our office and Classroom Technology Services. We are pleased to announce and congratulate JP Williams and Timothy Honeycutt on their new positions.

Filling the role of Events Coordinator for our office is JP Williams. He joined our office this past October. In his role as Events Coordinator, he will be in charge of event scheduling. He is the go-to person to answer questions about event requests through Ad Astra. He will also be checking out temporary access cards for events. JP is a Texas Tech Alumni, graduating with a B.S. in Exercise Sport Science in 2013 and a M.S. in Sport Management in 2015. In his off time, he likes to work in his shop, ride his motorcycle, and spend time with friends and family.

Congratulations are also in order for Classroom Technology Services. Timothy Honeycutt is now the Section Supervisor for CTS starting the first of November. Formerly, Tim occupied the position of IT Support Technician with CTS. He has done a phenomenal job providing service to instructors as well as ensuring the hardware and software in the room runs smoothly. We know¬† he’ll continue to make great contributions to the General Purpose Classroom Project. Congratulations to Tim for his new promotion!

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