We’re Going Global: GPC Classrooms are Getting New Locks

Academic Support and Facilities Resources (ASFR) is always looking for ways to improve the learning environment for not only students, but also the teaching staff at Texas Tech University. The new Global Locks which are being installed on GPC doors are part of this process. The purpose behind these locks allow for greater customization for the instructor as well as to increase classroom security.

Instructors using classrooms with Global Locks will be able to decide whether or not they want to leave their classrooms locked or unlocked during their lecture. 1 swipe of their proximity card will unlock the door for a short amount of time for the instructor to gain access to the room. This can enforce attendance policies if the instructor chooses this selection. 2 swipes of their proximity card will leave the door unlocked for the duration of the class period. This feature is especially useful during exams. Instead of having to keep the door propped open for students who come in late, instructors can simply leave the door unlocked. This minimizes the level of distraction to the students  in the middle of the exam. Not only are they not distracted by noise from the hallway, but they are also not distracted by late arrivals knocking on the door.

Another improved feature of the Global Locks is that they can be controlled remotely. ASFR can lock or unlock a door from their computer. This saves time and resources. Instructors will not have to wait on someone from ASFR to physically come to their room to unlock it. Since these locks can be programmed and controlled remotely, they can serve as a back-up incase of an emergency.

To access a locked door, an instructor holds up their access card to the card reader to unlock the door or they can use the card swipe on the side. When the lock turns green, the door is open. The handles on doors with Global Locks do not turn when unlocked. Instead of trying to turn the handle after unlocking the door, just give the door a push or a pull. There will be reminders posted about how to access these rooms printed above the Global Lock. If the door lock is red, this means the door is locked. If you swipe or use the proximity chip in your raider card and are unable to access the room, please contact ASFR. Our office’s contact information is also located under the door number of the room.

The GPC rooms which currently have Global Locks are Holden 127, 128, 130, 152, 255, Science 112, Human Science 273, and Math 12, 108. The GPCs in Media and Communications are in the process of transitioning from proximity locks with keypads to Global Locks. Until the Global Locks are up and running, proximity locks will still be in use. For this reason, we encourage all instructors to get proximity cards to use with the Global locks. Constant use of the card slider can wear out your card. However, proximity cards can just be held up to the lock’s sensor. This ensures that the card lasts much longer.

Classroom Technology Services has also created an excellent informative video that demonstrates the Global Lock’s usage. The video can be viewed by clicking here.

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