New “Global” Locks

We got new locks! Some of our classrooms have new “global” locks that allow our staff to unlock the doors from our desks.

The rooms with these locks are: Holden 127, 152, & 255, Science 112, Math 012 & 108, and Human Sciences 273.

Our new locks are located next to the door instead of on the actual door. When the light is green (shown in the pictures below) the door is unlocked and when the light is red the door is locked. The big difference between the new locks versus our old lock is that the door handle does not actually turn. Instead, with these locks you would just push the door open. This can get a little confusing, because most people are use to turning the handle to open the door. So, don’t be fooled when the handle doesn’t move. Also, if the door is locked you can simply put your access card up to the reader or swipe your card in the designated area and the door will unlock. Currently our office is working on creating signs to put above the reader to cut back on any door handle confusion.

Our office plans to install the new locks in Media and Communication this summer. Please subscribe or check back for updates and more information.

Global Lock UnlockedGlobal Lock Locked