About the General Purpose Classroom Project

The General Purpose Classrooms are designed to serve the entire Texas Tech University campus community by providing a wide range of equipment, technology and resources in order to meet pedagogical requirements of all those that use them. These classrooms are centrally scheduled and maintained by the Office of the Provost under the direction of Academic Support & Facilities Resources. This project would not be possible without vital partnership with IT Help Central Classroom Technology Services to assist with the room technology designs, technology management, and provide technical support to instructors. Our office relies heavily upon the Operations Division offices of Building Maintenance & Construction for construction, renovation and general upkeep of the GPCs and Engineering Services for construction drawings of proposed GPCs. Funding for the project has been provided by the Office of the President and the Office of the Provost.

This initiative began in 2010 and has grown due to its popularity and continued positive feedback from faculty, students and staff. There are a total of 44 GPCs in 6 buildings, spanning the Texas Tech University campus: Agricultural Sciences, Holden Hall, Human Sciences, Mathematics, Media and Communication, and Science. As the General Purpose Classroom initiative continues, we look forward to providing additional standardized teaching and learning environments.

We are currently planning for renovations that will take place over the summer. To help select rooms, a space analysis was completed for all Classrooms and Meeting Rooms on campus. This analysis included condition score, utilization scores, location, and use by the home department. Upon, review, rooms were chosen which were in poor condition but could potentially be utilized by multiple departments on campus. If you would like to see a room become a GPC, please submit information about the classroom and the department currently managing the classroom to ASFR for analysis. I will also be updating our blog once a month during the term. Then weekly during our construction and renovations. Subscribe or check back for updates and more information.