Planning for 2015

As the year comes to an end and resolutions begin, renovations are hot on our minds. This year we are looking into a project involving construction. Our goal is to renovated 3 smaller classrooms into two 60 person classrooms. This will involve demolition of two walls and the construction of a new wall separating the spaces. This will be a new experience for the General Purpose Classroom renovations. We are very excited for the opportunity to engage in construction. We received feedback with interest in a rooms of this size. By increasing the capacity we are hoping to use the rooms for lectures that rely on discussion and group collaboration. We will be using the same standards for furniture and finishes in the past renovations. The room also will be equipped with the standard GPC technology. We can’t wait to hear from instructors and students on how these rooms will effect their teaching/learning experience. We have experienced a wonderful semester and are happy to see our classrooms well utilized.