Starting the Semester Strong

We are finishing our second week of school. The rooms have been packed full of students and instructors. This year we are condensing our General Purpose Classroom survey and sending it out once per semester. That will be sent out in the next couple of months. We really do enjoy hearing feedback from our students and faculty. Once piece of information I would like to share with you all is that our phone number is changing. The new number is 806.742.5365!  Please write it down or save it in your phone. We are always happy to help but you guys will need to know how to contact us. Also, Classroom Technology Support’s number has changed. They can answer any of your questions about technology in the General Purpose Classrooms and can set up time for training. CTS’s new number is 806.742.5381! Please write it down or save it to your phone. We can’t wait to hear feedback from our surveys. We definitely would like to know how people are enjoying the new seminar rooms!

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