Furniture, Cabinetry and Technology! Oh my!

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This week was very busy with finishing for our Platinum General Purpose Classrooms. At the beginning of the week we had technology being programmed similar to our other classrooms. We want our rooms to be easily used and accessible. We utilize a touch panel for easy control over the technology. The touch panel allows you to change the volume of the speakers, switch between PC use and laptop connections, and control of the televisions.  Then doors and drawers of our cabinetry were installed. Lastly furniture arrived. This room is meant to be used as a movable and flexible classroom. We chose to incorporate nesting tables and chairs on casters for flexibility. The furniture is considered nesting because they fit closely together. Our table tops are attached to the legs through a pivot system. We can flip the table tops up and they fit neatly in a corner. The chairs are similar. The chair seats flip up making them fit closely together.  The table have power ports installed into the top. Since technology is so important to modern day teaching and learning, we expect them to be well utilized by students. Flexibility has also grown in popularity for teaching in the recent years. Professors want to teach their class as a lecture and then incorporate application or discussion through small break out groups. These classrooms can be used for seminars, lectures, group work, and the list could go on. Above are a few floor plans to demonstrate the flexibility of the room. Please enjoy the pictures and tell us your thoughts!



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