Back to School

Summer is winding down but campus is just starting to heat up. The Residents Halls opened this last weekend for all of the new students. We’ve seen students and parents walking around getting acquainted with campus. Classes start on Monday, August 25th. That means this week was dedicated to getting our General Purpose Classrooms ready for the new semester. This entails lock programming, technology training, cleaning and auditing.


Lock programming is a long process. We work with the the ID Office to grant access to instructors teaching in the General Purpose Classrooms. The locks read a chip that is housed in a proximity ID card. The chip holds a series of numbers. We program the locks so they unlock when they read the number that is assigned to an instructors. This means our instructors will need a proximity card to gain access to the majority of our General Purpose Classrooms. These ID’s can be obtained from the ID Office in the Student Union Building. If you know an instructor teaching in a General Purpose Classrooms, encourage them to get a proximity ID from the ID Office. We are happy to answer any questions about access or the lock programming process. Feel free to call us at 806.834.5271 or email me at


Once this was completed, we focused our sights on helping instructors to get acquainted with the technology in the room. We held a few technology trainings this week so instructors could ask question and see the equipment in the room. We like to hear that our technology and equipment is being utilized. It is becoming an integral piece of how instructors teach their class so we want to be sure we are supporting them fully. If you need any information or instruction about our technology feel free to look at some of the instruction PDF’s. They can be found on our website at (They can be found under the FAQ’s Technology tab. Just click on How do I use Technology in GPC’s?). The Classroom Technology Support (CTS) division of IT Help Central is who we rely on to support the technology in the General Purpose Classrooms. If an instructor has any issues with the technology CTS can be reached at 806.834.5252.


Lastly, we walked through all of our classrooms to audit. We checked to make sure they were clean. We reorganized the student seating if necessary and left any needed supplies for instructors. Our hope is that student feel comfortable and attentive in our General Purpose Classrooms. Also that our instructors feel that they are supported and can teach their course with minimal issues. We are excited to hear feedback from instructors and students who are attending a course in our General Purpose Classrooms. Below are pictures of various styles of General Purpose Classrooms. Let us know if we accomplished creating comfortable yet functional classrooms.

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Furniture, Cabinetry and Technology! Oh my!

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This week was very busy with finishing for our Platinum General Purpose Classrooms. At the beginning of the week we had technology being programmed similar to our other classrooms. We want our rooms to be easily used and accessible. We utilize a touch panel for easy control over the technology. The touch panel allows you to change the volume of the speakers, switch between PC use and laptop connections, and control of the televisions.  Then doors and drawers of our cabinetry were installed. Lastly furniture arrived. This room is meant to be used as a movable and flexible classroom. We chose to incorporate nesting tables and chairs on casters for flexibility. The furniture is considered nesting because they fit closely together. Our table tops are attached to the legs through a pivot system. We can flip the table tops up and they fit neatly in a corner. The chairs are similar. The chair seats flip up making them fit closely together.  The table have power ports installed into the top. Since technology is so important to modern day teaching and learning, we expect them to be well utilized by students. Flexibility has also grown in popularity for teaching in the recent years. Professors want to teach their class as a lecture and then incorporate application or discussion through small break out groups. These classrooms can be used for seminars, lectures, group work, and the list could go on. Above are a few floor plans to demonstrate the flexibility of the room. Please enjoy the pictures and tell us your thoughts!


Start of Something New!

As the summer is winding down, the finishing of our construction is heating up. So many finishing touches have been added this week. The shell of our new lectern and cabinet were installed. All of our advanced technology has been installed. Whiteboards were installed and furniture was scheduled for delivery. These rooms have been given a much needed face lift this summer. Academic Support and Facilities Resources is very excited to see the final product. We hope they will be well utilized. Let us know your thoughts on the progress.

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Are you interested in seeing them beautifully finished?