Feel the Power

Another week has passed for our new General Purpose Classroom renovation. Through the General Purpose Classroom project, we have gotten request of seminar style rooms with premium technology. Technology is becoming an essential component of teaching style and student learning. With students continually using more technology, we have chosen to offer new Legrand floor outlets to support the premium technology that will be included in these rooms. The floor outlets are a part of Legrand’s new Evolution Series. It combines a new model design which offers more options such as electric outlet, Ethernet cable conections and USB connections. This means the instructor can hardwire their own computer into the technology system without having to separate themselves from the students. Also the students can get power to their personal technology while at their workstations and connected to the class. The outlets have a flush metal cover with Legrand’s “e-coating” in many color and design options. All of these options make the outlet more durable. We believe these many options will improve the utilization of the class. Next week we are hoping to see our second coat of paint for the walls and technology cabinets!


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