Modular vs. Broadloom Carpet

This week we got to decide on the pattern of our new modular carpet. Modular carpet is most commonly called carpet squares or carpet tiles. They come in just as many different designs as regular broadloom carpets. The following reasons are why modular carpet is more suitable for our space.

  • Easier handling and installation
  • Additional designs because of installation patterns
  • Better maintenance
  • Water resistant padding
  • Environmentally friendly

Modular carpet is typically offered in two sizes, 18″ X 18″ or 24″ X 24″. This means they can stack and ship modular carpet in boxes. One installation man can unload and move these boxes. Broadloom carpets are often shipped on rolls that are 12′ – 15′ long and 3′ – 5′ wide. This requires at least 2 installation men to unload and move. At the top of this blog is a picture of our two installation patterns. Modular carpet squares typically have many different installation patterns (above is an example of installation patterns for a carpet). Maintenance is also much easier for modular carpets. If there is a spilled drink in the classroom, the carpet that is effected can be pulled up and replaced. The replacement of a few squares of carpet is much cheaper than pulling up an entire room of carpet. Also the backing on modular carpet is made of vinyl. This protects the sub floor from water. In the long run there will be less deterioration or mold underneath our carpets. And lastly, modular carpet is typically made of recycled material and tiles in good condition can be relocated and reused making it more environmentally friendly than broadloom carpet.

Without any further ado, our room is coming together beautifully. The carpet was installed and now the room is looking more complete. I can’t wait until we get our technology and furniture in the rooms. Please enjoy the pictures!



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