Polycom CX5500 (Videoconferencing) Survey

We are finalizing plans for the summer renovations of the seminar rooms. Under consideration is the installation of a Polycom CX5500 for interactive distance education. This videoconferencing technology would allow instructors to meet with students who are at a distance, students to interact with an instructor at a distance, or even bring a guest speaker from anywhere in the world without the expense of travel. Today a survey was distributed to TTU faculty regarding their current and potential use of this technology. So far, the responses are in favor of this addition and many faculty are excited by the potential of this technology. Complete survey results to come!

For more information on the videoconferencing technology under consideration, visit http://www.polycom.com/products-services/products-for-microsoft/lync-optimized/cx5500-unified-conference-station.html.


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