And We Have Furniture…


So I am actually a guest blogger for this week. My name is Emily Jones. I am the Student Assistant at Academic Support and Facilities Resources. I am an undergraduate in the Interior Design program. Naturally I am very excited about our furniture. I had a class in this room in Fall 2012. Needless to say the room needed some improvement. The slope was crazy steep. Definitely not ideal for any handicapped person. The solution, make tiers for ADA and reduce the slope. The tiers are a great touch. IMG_2113[1]There is also added ADA seating. It is just a tablet on a stand with a rolling chair to be used when not needed for a handicapped person. I like the match between ADA seating and the fixed seating. IMG_2117[1]The room is a match of many neutral colors. This creates a lighter color palette which will not be distracting from the materials which are being presented. I think this room really looks fabulous. IMG_2114[1] IMG_2115[1]I’ve talked about the furniture from a student’s point of view but we got the instructor covered too. So that they will not feel left out there is an instructor stool which matches the rest of the furniture. That helps to create a unified room. IMG_2116[1]


Technology Installation

This week the technology installation was completed. Installation included:

  • Existing Technology
    • Computer (purchased Fall 2012)
    • Ceiling-Mounted Projector (purchased Fall 2012)
    • Projection Screen
    • Document Camera
    • Two Televisions
    • Full-Size Lectern
  • New Technology
    • Annotation Monitor with Swivel Arm Mount
    • Audio System
    • Speakers
    • System Control Panel
    • Assistive Listening Devices – Receivers and Headsets
    • A/V Track (contains cables from wall to lectern)

This technology will assist instructors with delivery of the material they are trying to convey to their students.

Additional progress was made on the construction portion of renovations. The ADA tiers were completed with stops and edging and are ready for furniture installation to begin on Tuesday. See pictures below for the last glimpse of the room before furniture is installed.

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Carpet to Technology

The carpet has been installed and they are placing the final touches on the ADA tiers, as well as other facets of the room. Today the audio/visual contractor has started installing the new technology for the room. This set-up is complete with new speakers, audio system, annotation monitor, and previously purchased instructor computer and projector. Once installation is complete, new cabling will run throughout the room to ensure proper connections to the existing televisions, projector, and projection screen. Check in next week for pictures of the room + technology before furniture is installed!