Tiers…Check; Whiteboard…check; Emergency Exit Door…


This past week, concrete was poured for the ADA tiers. By adding these tiers to the back of the room, it allows for accessible ADA seating to be installed in close proximity to the main entrance/exit of the room. Once the concrete is cured, carpet can be laid.

The whiteboard was hung and covers the majority of the front wall. In keeping with GPC standards, this allows instructors the maximum amount of space when utilizing the whiteboard for instruction.

In addition, the emergency exit expansion was completed and the new door with panic bar installed.

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Change of Plans

There has been a change of plans for the carpet to be installed in this space. The previous one selected was discontinued and no longer available. Therefore, we had to not only select a different design but color pallet as well. This carpet allowed us to keep the modular carpet tiles for easy replacement in case of damage. What do you think of the new selection?

Design Connect II ~ Modular ~ Abaca II ~ Vestiges

Design Connect II ~ Modular ~ Abaca II ~ Vestiges

Life & Safety Upgrade Progress

Additional progress has been made on the Life & Safety upgrade to the Southwest exit of AGRI 214. The doorway leading into the vestibule has been expanded to the proper width (see comparison picture below). The staircase in the vestibule which led to the storage area did not allow for proper egress, therefore it has been removed from the vestibule. In order to maintain access to the storage, the staircase in the Northwest vestibule will remain and this will no longer be an exit from the room.

In addition to these changes, the doorway leading outside and the outside staircase landing will both be expanded. This will provide a rescue area in case of an emergency evacuation from the room. Stay tuned; there is more to come…


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Progress Review

Last week the project team met to discuss the construction progress. Here is a recap of the progress to date:

  • Existing furniture removed
  • Existing whiteboard removed
  • Room prepped and painted
  • Life & Safety upgrades started on Southwest exit
  • Additional power outlets for students installed
  • Recessed lighting installed above the instructor lectern (pictured below)
  • New baseboard on the instructor wall (pictured below)

We were excited to recycle the existing whiteboards and give them to the College of Human Sciences for use in one of the teaching spaces in that building! We are glad to know it can be utilized to enhance learning in another area of campus and will not be sent straight to the dumpster!

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