Behind the Scenes

There is a large amount of behind the scenes work taking place right now. They have installed the face plates of the extra outlets and are running the wiring behind them. There is work taking place in the ceiling, behind the walls and in the storage closets to ensure the proper wiring is in place for the room. Even though the aesthetics have not changed much this week, there is progress being made!

photo 2


Need a boost?

Additional power outlets are being added to our newest GPC. The tracks affixed to the side walls (pictured below) will allow for students to plug in a laptop, tablet, smart phone, or other device. What a great way for students to get a boost for note-taking, connecting to Blackboard, or bookmarking important websites visited by their instructor!

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Life & Safety Upgrade Prep

The paint on the classroom walls is finished and they have now begun preparing for the Life & Safety upgrades. The Southwest exit doors will be expanded to meeting current building codes, the interior staircase to the storage room will be removed, and the outside staircase landing will be expanded as a rescue area. This will allow for safe exiting in case of an emergency. Once the expansions are complete, this vestibule will be painted and black-out blinds placed over the windows.

AGRI214-05 6-10-13