Prep Time

Preparations are underway for the dirty work to begin. Since brand new whiteboards will be installed, the old ones have been removed and are ready for disposal. The instructor wall will be patched and prepped for new paint. The TVs at the back of the room are still in great condition and will remain in the room, so they have been covered and secured in place for the duration of construction. Check out the slideshow below for a few pictures of the progress!

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Construction has Started!

Construction in Agricultural Sciences 214 has started! The fixed furniture has been removed as well as the technology and lectern. Next will be to remove the carpet and start building out the ADA seating tiers. Stay tuned for weekly updates!


AGRI214-01 5-21-13

The Big Picture

During the month of April, GPC staff delivered presentations to Provost Council and Academic Council. The presentation included information about where the project has been, where we are currently, and how we plan to expand in the future. Attendees were given a glance into how we select rooms and resources available to instructors and groups that utilize GPCs. In addition, they were provided with an overview of the Instructional Facilities Advisory Committee, which is still in development. We were thrilled for the opportunity to provide more insight into this project. If your department would like information about GPCs, please check out our website at or contact us at