One more week until the shell is complete!

This is the last week for the Physical Plant to make final touches on the shell of the rooms. The carpet is in, the paint is done, the extra student power ports are ready to go and the coded locks have been installed! The only room lacking is room 104, but they are scheduled to install carpet Monday through Wednesday and furniture Thursday & Friday. By Friday afternoon, the room shells should be complete!
Picture: Since the rooms look the same as previous weeks, I am only including a picture of room 104 since all of the scaffolding is down. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint does to a room!

HOLDEN 104 – Before carpet install


A different point of view

During my last tour of the construction process, I wanted to see what the view of room 104 was like from the projection booth above the room. It was interesting to see the top of the scaffolding and what the new ceiling looks like. That portion of the renovation is now complete and the scaffolding is coming down. The new ceiling looks great and will definitely help with the acoustics of the room!

Finishing touches are being placed on the other rooms as they continue to install the AVtracs. They have finished installing the recessed projection screen boxes and they look really nice! We also get our first peek at one of the new, custom built lecterns! We have 1 – 1/2 weeks left of construction and then it is time for the AV installation and furniture!

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Almost ready for technology…

With the exception of room 104, the carpet is complete, the baseboards have been installed and the blackout blinds are being hung. In addition, they have begun installing the AVtrac Systems in rooms 033, 038, & 155. The tracs conceal all of the wiring to the lectern underneath the carpet and provide for a more finished look. This morning a Taurus Technologies Engineer is on campus to aid in the installation of wiring and speakers in room 104. Soon after that is complete, the scaffolding should be removed and the carpet installation in this room will begin!

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