Information Session – Friday, April 27th

Tomorrow we will be holding an information session for academic departments to learn about the changes taking place this summer. We will talk about renovations, the new furniture & technology choices, and answer any questions pertaining to GPCs. If you are interested in attending this session, please contact our office for additional information on time and location. Hope to see you there!


Mediasite… Coming to a classroom near you!

We are so excited about this next phase of GPCs. One new element is Mediasite which is being installed in one of the classrooms. If you have not heard about Mediasite, you can check out a short video on Sonic Foundry’s website at Mediasite allows for webcasting, lecture capture, blended learning programs, and much more through high-quality video. Not only is it a great tool for instructors to capture their amazing lectures, it also allows students to review course material, increase their knowledge of course content and potentially increase their overall grade for the course. The statistics of how Mediasite can help improve student outcomes are amazing and can also be found on Sonic Foundry’s website. We know instructors will find this to be a very useful tool!

New Student Desks

For the next phase of GPCs, we want students to have the opportunity to “test drive” a new desk. This is a brand new item; so new they have not even began manufacturing yet! The desk is the Learn2 from KI and is very similar to the Steelcase Node currently in some of our classrooms. The Learn2 offers different features we hope students will enjoy. It is very comfortable and I think it will look great in our classrooms. What do you think?