New “Global” Locks

We got new locks! Some of our classrooms have new “global” locks that allow our staff to unlock the doors from our desks.

The rooms with these locks are: Holden 127, 152, & 255, Science 112, Math 012 & 108, and Human Sciences 273.

Our new locks are located next to the door instead of on the actual door. When the light is green (shown in the pictures below) the door is unlocked and when the light is red the door is locked. The big difference between the new locks versus our old lock is that the door handle does not actually turn. Instead, with these locks you would just push the door open. This can get a little confusing, because most people are use to turning the handle to open the door. So, don’t be fooled when the handle doesn’t move. Also, if the door is locked you can simply put your access card up to the reader or swipe your card in the designated area and the door will unlock. Currently our office is working on creating signs to put above the reader to cut back on any door handle confusion.

Our office plans to install the new locks in Media and Communication this summer. Please subscribe or check back for updates and more information.

Global Lock UnlockedGlobal Lock Locked

Classroom Technology Services

Our office has been very fortunate to be partnered with Classroom Technology Services as support for our General Purpose Classrooms. They have happily supported the GPC’s with installation and maintenance of the technology in the classrooms. There staff consists greatly of student assistants who walk through the room twice a week as preventative maintenance and troubleshooting. Beyond preventative maintenance, they respond to calls from 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM as well as offer training throughout the year. They have also determined standards for GPC Technology. Below are general standards installed in every General Purpose Classroom:


  • Extron Touchlink Touch Panel
  • Extron Switcher/Scaler
  • Extron Control Processor


  • Hitachi LCD 4000 Lumen Projector
  • Motorized Projector Screen
  • Additional Flat Panel TVs for larger classrooms (as needed)


  • Extron Flat Field Ceiling Speakers
  • Podium & Wireless Microphone for sound reinforcement & ADA Assisted Listening
  •  ADA – Listen Technologies for assisted listening

Podium Computer & Laptop Accessories:

  • Dell Computer with BluRay Player
  • Interactive Display
  • Wireless keyboard/mouse
  • Laptop Connections: HDMI & VGA + 1/8″ Audio

The above list is the general standard. Some of our rooms vary based on size and pedagogy. If there is ever a question about technology in a specific room please visit our website Or you may contact Classroom Technology Services through phone (806.742.5381) or email ( and they will be happy to answer any questions.


About the General Purpose Classroom Project

The General Purpose Classrooms are designed to serve the entire Texas Tech University campus community by providing a wide range of equipment, technology and resources in order to meet pedagogical requirements of all those that use them. These classrooms are centrally scheduled and maintained by the Office of the Provost under the direction of Academic Support & Facilities Resources. This project would not be possible without vital partnership with IT Help Central Classroom Technology Services to assist with the room technology designs, technology management, and provide technical support to instructors. Our office relies heavily upon the Operations Division offices of Building Maintenance & Construction for construction, renovation and general upkeep of the GPCs and Engineering Services for construction drawings of proposed GPCs. Funding for the project has been provided by the Office of the President and the Office of the Provost.

This initiative began in 2010 and has grown due to its popularity and continued positive feedback from faculty, students and staff. There are a total of 44 GPCs in 6 buildings, spanning the Texas Tech University campus: Agricultural Sciences, Holden Hall, Human Sciences, Mathematics, Media and Communication, and Science. As the General Purpose Classroom initiative continues, we look forward to providing additional standardized teaching and learning environments.

We are currently planning for renovations that will take place over the summer. To help select rooms, a space analysis was completed for all Classrooms and Meeting Rooms on campus. This analysis included condition score, utilization scores, location, and use by the home department. Upon, review, rooms were chosen which were in poor condition but could potentially be utilized by multiple departments on campus. If you would like to see a room become a GPC, please submit information about the classroom and the department currently managing the classroom to ASFR for analysis. I will also be updating our blog once a month during the term. Then weekly during our construction and renovations. Subscribe or check back for updates and more information.

Planning for 2015

As the year comes to an end and resolutions begin, renovations are hot on our minds. This year we are looking into a project involving construction. Our goal is to renovated 3 smaller classrooms into two 60 person classrooms. This will involve demolition of two walls and the construction of a new wall separating the spaces. This will be a new experience for the General Purpose Classroom renovations. We are very excited for the opportunity to engage in construction. We received feedback with interest in a rooms of this size. By increasing the capacity we are hoping to use the rooms for lectures that rely on discussion and group collaboration. We will be using the same standards for furniture and finishes in the past renovations. The room also will be equipped with the standard GPC technology. We can’t wait to hear from instructors and students on how these rooms will effect their teaching/learning experience. We have experienced a wonderful semester and are happy to see our classrooms well utilized.


Our office works closely with Classroom Technology Services for upkeep of the technology in the General Purpose Classrooms. Recently, CTS’s has hired two new full time employee’s. Please, help me to welcome Alina Drigalenko and Tim Honeycutt.

Alina will occupy the position of IT Support Technician in Classroom Technology Services. She is transitioning from a Student Assistant to Full-Time Staff and has a wealth of experience with CTS, General Purpose Classrooms, Digital Signage, and especially wayfinding. As Alina is working full-time, she is also pursuing an undergraduate degree at Texas Tech. She is majoring in industrial engineering and minoring in chemistry and Arabic. Alina enjoys painting, playing guitar and bass, learning new languages, and tweaking anything that has an engine.

Tim will occupy the position of IT Support Technician in Classroom Technology Services. He is joining CTS from the TTU School of Law where he was an Academic Technology Multimedia Coordinator. In this role, he gained experience with AMX, Extron, and Crestron control systems which will greatly benefit the CTS team. Prior to working for the TTU School of Law, Tim has 5 years of experience working for KCBD New Channel 11 as a videographer, associate producer, and web editor. During his time with KCBD, he was able to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Electronic Media and Communications, Visual Communications. He has also been accepted to Wayland Baptist University’s MBA program in Management Information Systems. Tim enjoys spending time with his Siberian Husky names Charlie. The two of them enjoy going on many adventures together. He also enjoys disc golf, mountain biking, fishing, and skydiving.

Tell Us How We’re Doing

We have just completed the sixth week of school with midterms just around the corner. Recently it was released that Texas Tech University had it’s 3rd largest growth in university history this semester. This is a very exciting time in Texas Tech History. With such an influx of students, we are seeing an increase in activity in our General Purpose Classrooms. Our hope is that students who attend class in a General Purpose Classroom will be comfortable and focused. We recently distributed a survey to both students and instructors to get feedback on the General Purpose Classrooms. We rely on the information we get from the survey to determine the direction and function of upcoming renovations. We will be closing the survey on Tuesday, October 7th. If you are a student or instructor in one of the General Purpose Classrooms, please take some time and fill out our survey.

Starting the Semester Strong

We are finishing our second week of school. The rooms have been packed full of students and instructors. This year we are condensing our General Purpose Classroom survey and sending it out once per semester. That will be sent out in the next couple of months. We really do enjoy hearing feedback from our students and faculty. Once piece of information I would like to share with you all is that our phone number is changing. The new number is 806.742.5365!  Please write it down or save it in your phone. We are always happy to help but you guys will need to know how to contact us. Also, Classroom Technology Support’s number has changed. They can answer any of your questions about technology in the General Purpose Classrooms and can set up time for training. CTS’s new number is 806.742.5381! Please write it down or save it to your phone. We can’t wait to hear feedback from our surveys. We definitely would like to know how people are enjoying the new seminar rooms!