6 Weeks & Counting

Renovations on the new GPC seminar rooms begin in 6 weeks! Once renovations begin, our blog readers will receive weekly construction updates complete with pictures! Here is a look at the “befores”; get excited about the “afters”!


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Efficiency in Remote Management

What is remote management, you ask? Generally speaking, it is a system which allows us manage classrooms offsite allowing for more efficiency in managing the GPC project. Currently, Classroom Technology Services utilizes a system which allows them to view projector bulb hours, turn off projectors, and monitor system and network connections over the internet. The next wave in remote management is WiFi enabled locks. ASFR staff is currently testing these locks that will provide additional functionality to how classrooms are secured. In conjunction with the University ID office system, users can be updated overnight to allow access to a substitute instructor or special event. Not only will the rooms remain secure, but this system will make access more user friendly.

The Platinum GPCs

Are you ready for the platinum version of GPCs? We are! The rooms slated for renovations this summer have been narrowed to two seminar rooms in Holden Hall. These rooms will each seat 20 students and provide for a collaborative learning environment.

The rooms will be equipped with movable tables and upholstered chairs, custom designed built-in cabinetry, comfortable instructor seating, and audio/visual technology that allows for a flexible and enhanced learning environment.

With these new custom rooms, we are presenting our platinum color scheme. Instead of the standard tans/browns you have seen in the classrooms, get ready for classic shades of greys and blacks. The carpet and upholstery selections will provide hints of color while preserving the standard GPC look.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the GPC team and welcome back from the holiday break! We are busy preparing for the upcoming instructor technology trainings and start of the new term. If you are not familiar with the trainings, they are offered by Classroom Technology Services (CTS) before a new term begins and provide a time for instructors to learn how to use the technology in the GPCs. CTS answers questions about everything from basic system functionality to detailed instructions on getting the most from using Mediasite to record class sessions. This is a great opportunity for new and returning instructors alike. Hope to see you there!

Plans for 2014

As the Fall term comes to a close, we are busy making plans for what 2014 will hold. Our staff is currently in the planning phase for renovations scheduled to take place during the Summer of 2014. We are excited by the option to renovate smaller classrooms into seminar style rooms. These rooms provide a more collaborative setting for graduate courses and courses which the pedagogy requires interaction among the class members. The rooms are designed to be outfitted with movable tables and chairs that allow the class to interact as a large group, in smaller groups, or work individually. With standard GPC technology and plenty of whiteboard space to write on, these rooms will add a new style to the GPC inventory.

Ribbon Cutting – AGRI 214

On Wednesday, October 30th, the Office of the President held a ribbon cutting ceremony in one of the General Purpose Classrooms, Agricultural Sciences (AGRI) 214. Texas Tech President, Dr. M. Duane Nellis spoke about the impact of new and renovated learning spaces on campus, as well as acknowledged various departments involved with the classroom and building renovations. Interim Provost and Senior Vice President, Dr. Lawrence Schovanec, spoke about the upgrades to classroom technology and classes offered by the Teaching, Learning, & Professional Development Center (TLPDC) to aid faculty/staff with staying current on technological advances. Three students in attendance aided Dr. Nellis and Dr. Schovanec with the ceremonial cutting of the ribbon.

Attendees included personnel from:

  • Office of the President;
  • Office of the Provost;
  • Office of the Chief Financial Officer;
  • Academic Support & Facilities Resources;
  • Classroom Technology Services; and
  • College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.

There were various other attendees including:

  • Facilities Allocation Council (FAC) committee members;
  • Students whom attend class in AGRI 214;
  • President Select members; and
  • Other GPC initiative supporters.

Before and after pictures were on display to show the improvements to the aesthetics of the room, student seating, and technology. These pictures are now on display in the ASFR office.

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Upcoming Presentations

We are excited for the opportunity to share the latest in GPC news with several groups this month. Our project staff will be presenting to the Facilities Allocation Council (FAC) on October 10th and to Academic Council on October 15th. If you are a member of these committees, we hope you will be able to attend. We always look forward to sharing project updates with the TTU community.

If you are a member of a committee, department or other group, and you think they would benefit from a presentation regarding GPCs, please do not hesitate to contact us at asfr.facilities@ttu.edu. We are always happy to share more information about the project and answer any questions you may have.